Week Wrap Up Feb 25th

  1.  This time phoning home won’t be so easy…because it’s OFF THE HOOK…Hilarious spoof trailer for an ET sequel, starring two stars from the original.  ET Sequel: ET-X 2. This dress I know Halle Berry is embroiled in a hot mess at the moment and her reported behavior has been less than exemplary, but […]

Week Wrap Up Feb 18

1. All Your memes are belong to us All Your Base Are Belong to Us celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary this week.  Sheeeeeeeit, I remember when I first watched this.  I was in high school surrounded by several my my geekiest guy friends (I always seemed to have had a thing for nerds).  Know Your […]

Week Wrap Up Feb 11th

1. MASH UP MADNESS! Pandora radio usually gets me spot-on, but lately it’s been pulling some serious WTF’s on me.  Like Britney Spears’ “Don’t Hold it Against Me” followed by Violin Concertos by people I can’t even pronounce.  Weird.  Someone w/ a similar situation got more creative with the predicament, and I’m LOVING it.  The […]

Week Round Up Feb 6

1.  Egypt and the end of Mubarak Protests began roughly on January 25, 2011, and a week later Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak announced that he would *finally* step down from his three decade rule.  Protests had been mostly peaceful up until the end of the week, and its images have saturated the news.  Egypt shut […]