Weekend Wrap

It’s a weekend wrap! It’s been a lovely summer here at TRD. I’ve finagled some friends to stop by and review some upcoming releases for the fall. I’ve had some excitement in my own life, what with my personal adventure into the world of Pure Romance.  I spent some excellent quality time with around 2,000 […]

Holidaze Happenings and Whatnot

The holidays. It’s upon us, lurking in a way reminiscent of my cat who thinks he’s being all incognito but really isn’t and when he finally pounces I have to be all like, “aww…you scurred me soo baaaaad!” when in fact he really didn’t. Things have slowed a bit here at TRD, but fear not. […]

Week Wrap Up August 5

Well, slather me up and slap me silly – IT’S A WEEK WRAP UP!  Been a long time, eh? Here’s some notable events from my past week: Author LA Banks passed away Leslie Esdaile Banks lost her fight against cancer this week. I’ve never read any of her work, but I’ve seen it EVERYWHERE.  My […]

Week Wrap Up May 20

  The Ambiguously Gay Duo, LIVE ACTION edition [dListed] I’ve always thought the Robert Smigel cartoon The Ambiguously Gay Duo was downright hilarious (and disturbing).  An SNL classic.  Well, they took it up another notch on this past weekend’s edition.  Holy. Crap.         A Proposal of Epic Proportions [reddit] I thought this […]

Week Wrap Up May 13th

Bluegrass Prodigies [TDW]: I’ll excuse the serious redneckery that’s going on here (camo, stuffed fox, log cabin furniture) because of the kickass wonderment that is three young kids being BOSSES of bluegrass.   A Starry Night…for Breakfast [instructables]  Because why not?               Ivory Soap, Meet Mr. Microwave [DoobyBrain] This […]

Week Wrap Up: May 6

I like having schwepps via dListed Crack. Me. Up.  Europe has the best commercials.           Ride Mah Balls! via SomeEcards Um.  Okay.             The First Lady does The Dougie via O hell Nawl Fan.Tas.Tic.  Love her.               Cats pissing on […]

Week Wrap Up Apr 29

Jersey Shore Gone Wilde via The Daily What Ever wonder what dialogue from The Jersey Shore might sound like if it came from the mouths of people from, say, an Oscar Wilde play?  Wonder no more, people.  Here is is.       Your Two Minute Break via Urlesque Having a rough day?  Take a […]

Week Wrap Up Apr 22

Happy Earth Day, Raunchers! Dog eats bubbles, world melts as they listen to baby giggle: Pretty sure this kid and Emerson, the kid who’s scared of mommy’s nose blowing, would be, like BFF’s.  FOEVAH.       Series 6 Doctor Who: via Anglophenia The phenomenon that is Doctor Who sets off once more this weekend […]

Week Wrap Up Apr 15

Amazing Baby T-Rex terrorizes & fascinates school kids: This is amazing. I particularly liked the comment by Dragonfederation: “Unacceptable. This is teaching kids that they can outrun dinosaurs. They’re going be in real trouble if a dinosaur outbreak/invasion occurs. disliked for factual inaccuracies.”           6 Hugely Popular Books that Inadvertently Screwed […]

Week Wrap Up March 25

My Drunk Kitchen: via Urlesque “It’s important to remember when you’re cooking to use food.” Making grilled cheese with the assistance of a bottle of wine.  This shiat is HIlarious.  Love it.  Definitely going to keep checking in.  Follow her on Twitter: @Harto         Historically Hardcore via The Daily What Jenny Burrows […]

Week Wrap Up March 18

Epic Meal Time on The Tonight Show – via The Daily What I’ve posted these guys before, and they’re a huge phenomenon on YouTube right now.  They did a segment w/ Jay Leno last night that was pretty funny.  And gross, as usual. http://thedailywh.at/2011/03/18/epic-meal-of-the-day-4/ Mommy’s Nose is Scary via YouTube : Baby reacts to mom […]

Week Wrap Up March 4

Charlie-effing-Sheen.  Need I say more: Charlie Sheen Continues to go Nuts:  via Urlesque http://www.urlesque.com/2011/03/01/charlie-sheen-continues-nuts-memes/ Craziest things Charlie Sheen has said presented by adorable bunnies: via Buzzfeedhttp://www.buzzfeed.com/donnad/the-14-craziest-things-charlie-sheen-has-said-pre Charlie Sheen is now on Twitter: via Guyism.com http://guyism.com/lifestyle/charlie-sheen-twitter-account-verified.html Charlie Sheen quote generator: http://www.livethesheendream.com/ Rant off of the Crazies (warning NSFW) : via Filmdrunkhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MXpIaY-P9U     Top Ten “James […]