His At Night by Sherry Thomas

He wanted to give her some warning. “My story, it isn’t always happy.” “No story is, or it wouldn’t be a story; it’d be a paean.” Redonk Nutshell: Two people who fake their circumstances end up in a forced marriage There aren’t many authors I could trust to successfully pull off a plot like this […]

How a Lady Weds a Rogue by Katharine Ashe

Redonk Nutshell: Woman  is forced to revise her plans of finding her mother when she runs into a charming yet haunted man Diantha Lucas is determined to track down and confront her wayward mother. When her plans go awry, she realizes she needs to seek out the help of a hero, a man who will […]

Sins of a Virgin by Anna Randol

“If you’re going to take credit for all the wicked things you did as a spy, you must also take credit for the good.” “Life isn’t a scale, Gabriel.” The fight had gone out of her voice. “Good deeds don’t’ cancel out the bad.” Redonk Nutshell: Retired spy & famed faux-courtesan hires a Bow Street runner […]

A Secret in Her Kiss by Anna Randol

Redonk Nutshell: Artist embroiled in espionage finds herself in over her head when a British officer is assigned to protect her during her final tasks Mari Sinclair is a talented artist that has lived in Constantinople for years.  The British enlist her skill in order to get detailed sketches of Ottoman camps, hidden within what […]

The Price of Temptation by Lecia Cornwall

Redonk Nutshell: Disgraced and endangered woman finds herself falling for her new footman, who is in actuality a spy I was intrigued by the premise of this story – Evelyn Renshaw, the wife of a traitor, is plagued by her husband’s treachery.  When she is attacked by a Frenchman  for the delivery a renowned magical French […]

The Black Hawk by Joanna Bourne

Redonk Nutshell: The story of two rival spies and how they went from enemies, to friends to lovers The long awaited book in Joanna Bourne’s Spymaster series has finally arrived!  I rejoiced at getting my hands on Adrian Hawker’s story.  I’ve read three of four of Bourne’s series, and I’ve been somewhat enamored of Adrian […]

My Lord and Spymaster by Joanna Bourne

Redonk Nutshell: Former pickpocket hopes to root out the traitor in the London underworld in order to prove her father’s innocence, unintentionally enlisting the help of the man who put him in jail Ah, book three in Joanna Bourne’s Spymaster series.  The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to read these in chronological […]

Scandalous, Karen Robards

Title: Scandalous Author: Karen Robards Redonk Nutshell: Imposter falls for his “sister” – ESCANDOLO! Official Synopsis: England, 1810: When Lady Gabriella Banning receives word that her half-brother, the Earl of Wickham, has died on his tea plantation in Ceylon, she faces the reality that she and her younger sisters, Claire and Elizabeth, are suddenly penniless. […]