Kiss of Pride by Sandra Hill

If cocks could speak, his would be singing Hallelujahs. Redonk Nutshell: Viking turned Vampire-Angel finds himself falling for a mortal journalist First off, if the quote above didn’t make you snicker, you need to reread it again.  Because that had me (and Mr. Raunchy Ryan, and my friends) giggling for days.  But before I get ahead […]

It’s All Greek To Me by Katie MacAlister

Redonk Nutshell: The chaperone of a young band falls madly in love with the rich man hosting their gig Eglantine, aka “Harry”, is called in to chaperone the members of a hit band playing a private concert in Greece.  When she meets the man financing their gig, she senses an immediate attraction.  And because Harry […]

Mercy by Annabel Joseph

Redonk Nutshell: Two emotionally stunted individuals collide into an intense BDSM relationship that’s two steps from effed up This was the first time I’ve read anything by Annabel Joseph.  It was recommended to me by a fellow Rauncher who had just begun to explore BDSM books.  I picked up Mercy for a few reason: a) it […]

The Shelf of Doom

The latest victims to fall prey to my lack of attention span The Shelf of Doom: The Bachelor List, by Jane Feather Constance Duncan may be the eldest of three sisters, but she has more important things on her mind than finding a husband — for herself, at any rate. Through the Personals services of […]

Raunchy’s April Stack o’Doom Victims

April’s SHELF OF DOOM! I was struggling to come up with a post for today, mostly b/c I haven’t really finished any books recently I haven’t already reviewed.  And man, I’ve really been going through a lot of books, many of which I haven’t been able to finish.  It feels like I’m in a phase […]