To Tempt the Devil by C.J. Archer

Rating: C Romance: 3/5      Raunch: — I’m excited to welcome a guest post by The Little Red Hen! She read and offered to review a book for The Raunch Dilettante. Redonk Nutshell: Good girl tries not to fall for dangerous bad boy To Tempt the Devil is a fun, flirty read with some lovely steamy bits. […]

A Most Scandalous Proposal by Ashlyn Macnamara

Redonk Nutshell: Man & woman go from best friends to lovers This was a sweet and somewhat traditional tale. Julia St. Claire isn’t sure how she feels about being pursued by an earl, especially the same earl that her sister has been crushing on for a long time. What Julia doesn’t know is that the earl […]

The Lass Wore Black by Karen Ranney

You’ll hold her when she cries, and try like hell to understand why she’s angry. You’ll coax her and reason with her, and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with her. You better damn well like her, my boy, because love is ninety percent like and ten percent passion. Redonk Nutshell: Recovering woman finds solace in her physician Catriona […]

Lessons from a Scandalous Bride by Sophie Jordan

Redonk Nutshell: Man and woman come to London to find spouses and are reluctantly drawn together Cleo’s upbringing has her determined to make a life for herself without having to bear children. Her mother bore several children to Cleo’s stepfather, several of whom didn’t live, and Cleo was the one who had to bear the […]

Thief of Hearts by Teresa Medeiros

He cupped her cheeks in his palms, his fraudulent tenderness making her shiver with perverse yearning. “One scream would probably bring my entire crew charging to defend your virtue. Wouldn’t that gratify you?” “I remember a time not so long ago when one scream brought you charging to defend my virtue.” Redonk Nutshell: A scorned […]

A Gentleman Undone by Cecelia Grant

No man had ever looked at her that way. No man would likely ever do so again. But he made her insides feel like clockwork for a moment, ingenious subtle clockwork instead of fallible flesh, and it occurred to her she might stay in that  moment forever, given the choice. She might bask wordless in such a […]

The Runaway Duke by Julie Anne Long

He’d been ridiculous. His thrashing thoughts, his grand confusion and torment and helplessness – it was only love, had always been love, he supposed.  It was no precipice he stood at, or rather precipices have little meaning when one finally acknowledges that one has wings. Redonk Nutshell: A friends-to-lovers story of a woman who runs […]

How to Ravish a Rake by Vicky Dreiling

Redonk Nutshell: Man & woman attempt to make the most of their forced marriage after an unintended scandal Amy Hardwick is determined to make her last season be different. She will not be a wallflower. She will stand out. She will give herself one last fighting chance at making a decent run of finding a marriage match. […]

The Many Sins of Lord Cameron by Jennifer Ashley

Redonk Nutshell: Slow simmering attraction pulls an opposing man and woman in each other’s direction First some background: This is the 3rd book in a series about four Scottish brothers with serious reputations.  One thing that can be said for all of them is that they’re hardheaded.  And wear kilts. Ainsley Douglas is having deja-vu […]

Confessions From an Arranged Marriage by Miranda Neville

Redonk Nutshell: Man & woman who despite each other end up obligated to marry after a case of mistaken identity leads to scandal This was my first time reading Miranda Neville, and I have to say I really enjoyed her style. Lord Blakeney and Lady Minerva Montrose despise each other with equal amounts of loathing. […]

Firelight by Kristen Callihan

Redonk Nutshell: A masked man & woman haunted by fiery abilities team up to track down someone committing murders to members of a mysterious club What do you get when you combine a regency Gothic romance with paranormal themes and fairy tale inspiration?  Answer: Firelight, by Kristen Callihan.  It sounds complicated, but she pulls it off […]