Tempted by Megan Hart

Redonk Nutshell: Woman struggles with the repercussions of inviting husband’s close friend into their bedroom Anne has a fantastic life, a life that turns tumultuous when her husband’s best friend accepts an invitation to be their house guest.  When her husband, James, encourages her to invite his friend Alex into their bedroom, she’s concerned.  She struggles with several things: […]

Deeper by Megan Hart

He hadn’t been her first lover or the first boy to give her an orgasm. He hadn’t even been the first she’d loved.  He’d been the first to turn her inside out with something as simple as a smile. The first to make her doubt herself.  He’d taken her deeper than anyone ever had, and yet she hadn’t drowned. […]

Incarnate by Jodi Meadows

Dear Fellow Raunchers, It’s my pleasure to introduce the newest member to the posse (I have a posse now, byatches!), Miss Sassy Jack.  SJ is an avid reader, audiobook-phile, and cheesecake connoisseur.  She can also be found over at Restless Jackie. I asked Sassy to read Incarnate by Jodi Meadows, a new YA book that’s […]

The Demon Lover by Juliet Dark

Redonk Nutshell: PhD expert in folklore has explicitly intimate encounters with the subjects of her study upon moving to a small secluded Northeastern town to teach at a small college Though this cover is beautiful, it screams YA! to me.  Note to all: THIS IS SOOOOO NOT YA. No, no, my fellow Raunchers.  I was […]

Desired by Nicola Cornick

In a society that thrived on artifice, Rothbury was a man of a very different stamp and his honesty challenged her to be equally sincere, challenged too the barriers she had erected about her guarded heart.  Redonk Nutshell: A notorious widow strikes a bargain with a recently titled American adventurer that involves matrimony Ah, isn’t […]

The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

  Redonk Nutshell: Banished fairy prince vows to find a way to become human in order to be with the woman he loves The Iron Knight is the epic conclusion to Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey series.  Go here if you’re not familiar with this series before reading on for a quick catch-me-up. Let it be known that […]

Unclaimed, by Courtney Milan

“You’ve always been your own knight,” he said, “riding to your rescue.  I’m just the man who came along and saw how brightly your armor shone.” Redonk Nutshell: A courtesan at the end of her rope accepts a deal to seduce a renowned male virgin Jessica Farleigh has been through hell and back and is […]

The King’s Courtesan by Judith James

Redonk Nutshell: With his impending nuptials, King Charles marries off a favored courtesan to a titled Lord so he can eventually call her back to court You know, I was somewhat skeptical of this book going into it.  The premise is kind of intriguing, though one would imagine filled with predictable outcome.  The king’s courtesan, […]

Notorious, by Nicola Cornick

Title: Notorious Author: Nicola Cornick Redonk Nutshell: Former lovers (and brief spouses) try to fight the inevitable as they’re drawn to each other. Official Synopsis: Dangerously seductive and sinfully beautiful, Susanna is society’s most sought after matchbreaker. Paid by wealthy parents to part unsuitable couples, she’s never yet failed to accomplish her mission of diverting […]

A Lady’s Lesson in Scandal by Meredith Duran

Here ye, here ye: Meredith Duran is a master in weaving an eloquent and intuitive historical romance I discovered Meredith Duran last summer and snatched up all of her previous releases as fast as a fat kid steals cupcakes. OMfreakingNOM.  Duran in an incredibly talented writer, one who manages to take what could be a […]

Legacy by Cayla Kluver

I noticed his eyes. They were blue, sharp and intense. Despite the youthful glows of his suntanned face, his eyes were cold and unfriendly, suggesting he had great experience in the world and was now expecting the worst. Redonk Nutshell: 16 year old Alera has one year to decide who her husband, and ultimately the […]

Seven Nights to Forever, Evangeline Collins

Title: Seven Nights to Forever Author: Evangeline Collins Redonk Nutshell: Courtesan falls in love with her downtrodden client Official Synopsis: Some sacrifices are more difficult than others. Left destitute after her father’s death, Rose Marlowe has debts to settle and a younger brother to support. But she also possesses an unmatched beauty-one that could command […]