The Raunchies: 2011 Edition

Here at The Raunch Dilettante we revel in all that is raunchy, be it literature (or “lit-er-a-toor” if you’re fancy), music, film or pop culture.  Nothing is safe All is welcome!  I wanted to do some sort of best-of list, but I wanted to keep it somewhat…er…unique.  So, without much further ado, I present THE RAUNCHIES! […]

Loving & Loathing Lady Gaga: A Study in Monstrous Absurdity and Genius

This past Tuesday, Lady Gaga released her second studio album (third major release), Born This Way.  If you had told me three years ago that I would be excited about actually purchasing (not pirating, mind you) this woman’s album, I would have snorted at you. Me? Buying a whole album? Of…her’s?  No. Way. My how […]

Week Wrap Up Apr 22

Happy Earth Day, Raunchers! Dog eats bubbles, world melts as they listen to baby giggle: Pretty sure this kid and Emerson, the kid who’s scared of mommy’s nose blowing, would be, like BFF’s.  FOEVAH.       Series 6 Doctor Who: via Anglophenia The phenomenon that is Doctor Who sets off once more this weekend […]

Week Wrap Up March 25

My Drunk Kitchen: via Urlesque “It’s important to remember when you’re cooking to use food.” Making grilled cheese with the assistance of a bottle of wine.  This shiat is HIlarious.  Love it.  Definitely going to keep checking in.  Follow her on Twitter: @Harto         Historically Hardcore via The Daily What Jenny Burrows […]