Captive Surrender by Linda Mooney

Redonk nutshell: Psi-space cop and huge horned alien are captured by rogue aliens and forced to have sex while being filmed Okay. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t giggle while writing the above.  But literally, this is, more or less, the first half of Captive Surrender by Linda Mooney.  The second half is our […]

Tempt Me by Shiloh Walker

Redonk Nutshell: Widowed lingerie shop owner falls into an unexpected 2nd chance at love This is a lovely contemporary novella by veteran romance author Shiloh Walker.  Roxanne ‘Rocki’ Monroe runs a successful lingerie boutique with her best friend.  When tall glass of “oh HELLO there” Cole Stanton walks in one day with his stick-up-her-ass fiancee, Rocki acknowledges her […]

Unlocked by Courtney Milan

“When I see you, I remember that you made me want to drown rather than be myself.” He’d never understood what regret meant until now.  It wasn’t the pallid sort of wish he’d entertained before. He wished he could reach inside himself and take back what he had done. He didn’t want to be himself […]