Book Smarts: Your Smut is Making You Dumb

An article posted March 26th, 2012 in The Atlantic by author Maura Kelly challenges us to commit to a Slow-Books Manifesto.  The idea is this: read 30 minutes a day, every day, mostly classics, to enrich your brainpower and ultimately your life.  Anything non-literary doesn’t count.  That means newspapers, magazines, non-fiction, or foo-foo reading don’t count […]

2012 State of Raunch

How lame is it that I’ve glazed over my own 1 year anniversary? Me, who has never been able to keep a diary if her life depended on it, has managed to stick with a blog for a little over a year. I’m pretty sure the last time I had a journal was in second […]

Holidaze Happenings and Whatnot

The holidays. It’s upon us, lurking in a way reminiscent of my cat who thinks he’s being all incognito but really isn’t and when he finally pounces I have to be all like, “aww…you scurred me soo baaaaad!” when in fact he really didn’t. Things have slowed a bit here at TRD, but fear not. […]

Life and Things

Life has been a bit on the crazy side over here in Raunchy land.  It drives me bat-shite crazy when I don’t have a daily post, so you can only imagine how effing nuts I’ve been driving myself because I haven’t gotten my arse to sit down and pound out some reviews. Things that have […]

Romance Kills: Romance Readers are Addicts

There was a whir of controversy in the romance community over Utah’s posting a short article entitled “Romance Novels Can Be as Addictive as Pornography,” By Kimberly Sayer-Giles.  My Twitter feed has exploded in response with many outcries as well as humorous hashtag responses (i.e. RT @anawi Was kicked out of night classes for […]

Week Wrap Up Apr 29

Jersey Shore Gone Wilde via The Daily What Ever wonder what dialogue from The Jersey Shore might sound like if it came from the mouths of people from, say, an Oscar Wilde play?  Wonder no more, people.  Here is is.       Your Two Minute Break via Urlesque Having a rough day?  Take a […]

Because I Can

Everyone, this is Randall.  He is a guinea pig.  My guinea pig, specifically.  I have several, but this picture is one of my favorites.  Why?  Because, DUH, it’s a guinea pig in a dinosaur costume.  GEEZE. He’s adorable, right?  He’s a trouble maker, though.  He likes to try to chew on by books while I’m […]

Week Wrap Up Apr 22

Happy Earth Day, Raunchers! Dog eats bubbles, world melts as they listen to baby giggle: Pretty sure this kid and Emerson, the kid who’s scared of mommy’s nose blowing, would be, like BFF’s.  FOEVAH.       Series 6 Doctor Who: via Anglophenia The phenomenon that is Doctor Who sets off once more this weekend […]

Week Wrap Up March 18

Epic Meal Time on The Tonight Show – via The Daily What I’ve posted these guys before, and they’re a huge phenomenon on YouTube right now.  They did a segment w/ Jay Leno last night that was pretty funny.  And gross, as usual. Mommy’s Nose is Scary via YouTube : Baby reacts to mom […]

Week Wrap Up Feb 18

1. All Your memes are belong to us All Your Base Are Belong to Us celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary this week.  Sheeeeeeeit, I remember when I first watched this.  I was in high school surrounded by several my my geekiest guy friends (I always seemed to have had a thing for nerds).  Know Your […]

Week Wrap Up Feb 11th

1. MASH UP MADNESS! Pandora radio usually gets me spot-on, but lately it’s been pulling some serious WTF’s on me.  Like Britney Spears’ “Don’t Hold it Against Me” followed by Violin Concertos by people I can’t even pronounce.  Weird.  Someone w/ a similar situation got more creative with the predicament, and I’m LOVING it.  The […]

Errors with Eras

I’m fairly new to this historical romance genre, and I never really considered what periods fell into which eras, and what exactly that meant.  When I stopped to think about it I realized how ignorant I was.  A Victorian novel is not the same as a Regency novel.  And Edwardian heroines don’t really wear corsets…not […]