All He Ever Desired by Shannon Stacey

Redonk Nutshell: Lingering attraction pulls together a couple for a second chance Ah, The Kowalski’s. All He Ever Desired brings us Ryan Kowalski’s story. Ryan owns and operates a successful construction company, and he returns to his roots in Maine in order to put his skills to use in restoring the family’s lodge. He’s hesitant to […]

All He Ever Needed by Shannon Stacey

Redonk Nutshell: A fling turns into a reluctant serious attachment Can you say KOWALSKI!!! YES!! I was SO on this bandwagon, baby. I love Shannon Stacey’s Kowalski series. Let me preface this review by saying this is book 4 in the Kowalski family series, and we are introduced to a different family branch. At first […]

Undeniably Yours by Shannon Stacey

Redonk Nutshell: A one night stands results in an unintended pregnancy and mom and baby daddy struggle with the ramificationsWe’re back for more of the Kowalski family!  This time we get Kevin’s story.  Kevin is divorced and fairly happy.  He owns a popular sports bar and has a staff of good friends.  When a one […]

Exclusively Yours by Shannon Stacey

Redonk Nutshell: Rekindled love abounds when former overs unite over a family getaway This was my first read by Shannon Stacey, and I was intrigued by the premise.  A successful tabloid reporter, Keri Daniels, is tasked by her boss to dig up some dirt on reclusive author Joe Kowalski.  Keri has an “in” – she […]