The Music of Keeper

A soundtrack to a book? Hell yes. I’m one of those writers who has to have some sort of soundtrack playing in the background when I write. My husband thinks I’m nuts. I think it’s just the dancer in me. Music gives me ALL THE FEELS. When I need to write a scene and am […]

Ilyas san Merin Interviews Amanda Ryan

  In which Amanda, a new author who is looking for some crazy-ass way to promote her debut book, forces one of her main characters to do an interview with her.  Amanda: Hi Ilyas. I appreciate you doing this. I thought this would be kind of interesting, you know, me as a new author and […]

The Dynasty Saga

Welcome to Aren A land ruled by magic and blades… The Dynasty Saga came about out of my general fangirl love of all things fantasy. I don’t recall exactly when the world started to come together in my imagination, but probably at least around 10 years ago. Aren evolved from multiple influences – film, books, […]

Map of Aren

Welcome To Aren… A stunning landscape of snow-peaked mountains, open fields, deserts, plains and sandy shores, Aren is home to various tribes of people.