Special Guest Meg Maguire

I’m squeeing in excitement over having special guest Meg Maguire today! The Raunch Dilettante is the 2nd stop on the Strangers on a Train blog tour, and Meg stopped by to answer some questions. Thanks for stopping by, Meg! Where did the Strangers on a Train idea originate?  I believe the origin myth begins with the “Hot […]

Making Him Sweat by Meg Maguire

Rating: B         Romance: 3.5/5          Raunch: 3.5/5 Redonk Nutshell: Woman falls for an associate of her disowned, deceased father Jenna Wilinski has inherited her father’s seedy boxing gym, and she has intentions to gradually close it and turn it into offices for her new business venture, a dating service. Her plan […]

Willing Victim by Cara McKenna

Willing Victim by Cara McKenna Redonk Nutshell: Woman is inducted into her darkest fantasies When Laurel comes across Flynn she’s intrigued. He’s a big, blue collar kind of guy who takes a very no-nonsense attitude to life. He invites her to a bar and she accepts. When she arrives, she’s surprised to find he’s not at […]

Life After Fifty: Ten Erotic Novels You Need to Read

On the cusp of the “Fifty Frenzy,” I’ve pulled together a list of erotic romance stories that leave Fifty Shades of Grey in the dust.  There is some really amazing stuff out there, writing that should be in the spotlight for it’s beautifully crafted writing and imagination, writing that is original as well as gripping and poignant. […]

Getaway by Cara McKenna

Redonk Nutshell: Six months after Shivaree, Shane, Gabriel & Natalie reunite and reassess their relationship. I enjoyed Cara McKenna’s romp, Shivaree. You can imagine my delight when I realized Getaway was a follow-up.  Oh yeeeeaaaaah. Six months after Natalie broke down in the bayou in Louisiana, she’s back in Rochester and attempting to re-establish herself in a […]

The Reluctant Nude by Meg Maguire

Redonk Nutshell: Woman begins to fall for the artist hired to sculpt her nude marble Fallon Frost agrees to pose for a renowned artist in order to save her foster mother’s home from being bulldozed. Max Emery has a talent like no other, the ability to see beneath the surface of his subjects and capture them in an […]

Shivaree by Cara McKenna

Redonk Nutshell: Stranded woman finds herself intrigued by two charming yet conflicted men After a series of disappointing erotic reads I needed something that was going to settle in Juuuuust Right.  And I knew I could rely on Cara McKenna to deliver. Natalie is stranded in the middle bayou-nowhere after fleeing from a disastrous breakup. […]