Raunchy’s Best of 2011…so far

We’re halfway through 2011 (can I get a WHATTHEFRACK?!), and I’ve been thinking about what books, albums and things I’ve encountered so far that have proved EPIC.  Mind you, some of these things weren’t necessarily produced in 2011, but they’ve played a big role in my year thus far.  Thus, without further ado, I present: […]

Week Wrap Up Apr 15

Amazing Baby T-Rex terrorizes & fascinates school kids: This is amazing. I particularly liked the comment by Dragonfederation: “Unacceptable. This is teaching kids that they can outrun dinosaurs. They’re going be in real trouble if a dinosaur outbreak/invasion occurs. disliked for factual inaccuracies.”           6 Hugely Popular Books that Inadvertently Screwed […]