I like having schwepps via dListed Crack. Me. Up.  Europe has the best commercials.






Ride Mah Balls! via SomeEcards

Um.  Okay.







The First Lady does The Dougie via O hell Nawl

Fan.Tas.Tic.  Love her.








Cats pissing on ur shite? Let Aussie Craig Turner help via The Daily What Oh…I’ve seen Fatty Fatty Two by Four flying his fat butt over my fence many times.  This is laugh-out-loud funny.







Absurd Cases of inadvertent Racism via Someecards

Just. Wow.









Ha! I KNEW my salt obsession was not for naught. Study says eating less salt doesn’t cut health risks. French fries, YOU LIED TO ME!  Immagonna EAT YOU!









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