Bluegrass Prodigies [TDW]: I’ll excuse the serious redneckery that’s going on here (camo, stuffed fox, log cabin furniture) because of the kickass wonderment that is three young kids being BOSSES of bluegrass.


A Starry Night…for Breakfast [instructables]  Because why not?








Ivory Soap, Meet Mr. Microwave [DoobyBrain] This is soooooo cool.  I found myself wondering at first how on earth these guys got the idea to put a bar of Ivory soap in the microwave, and then I caught myself – they’re GUYS.  Why WOULDN’T you put a bar of soap in the microwave?  Hmm?





Subway Shenanigans [thesmokinggun] I lived in NYC for five years and in that time had encountered many wonderful, strange, bizarre, and beautiful things.  It’s been almost five years since I’ve been back to NYC, and I’ve really missed it lately.  Watching this video, however, reminded me of the things I do NOT miss.







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