My Drunk Kitchen: via Urlesque “It’s important to remember when you’re cooking to use food.” Making grilled cheese with the assistance of a bottle of wine.  This shiat is HIlarious.  Love it.  Definitely going to keep checking in.  Follow her on Twitter: @Harto





Historically Hardcore via The Daily What Jenny Burrows recently designed some promo posters for her art portfolio.  Smithsonian Institute…take note.  They’re ROCK STAR. See them all here


Pole Dancing for Jesus:  via dListed I am NOT making this up, people.  I just…I can’t wrap my mind around this.  I can’t.  Sad thing is, I actually understand quite a bit where this woman is coming from but…Pole Dancing for Jesus…REALLY???!?!?!

World Map of Average Penis Size I’m not making this up.  Check it out here

Android Dude Goes on Crazy Dancing Streak: You know that little green alien Android guy?  Here he is, dancing like he’s had one too many Mountain Dews.

First Beiber, Now Conan What’s more entertaining then lesbians that look like The Beibs?  Lesbians that look like Conan O’Brien.

Awesome in-depth interview with Gaga: via Autostraddle Google did a crazy cool interview with Lady Gaga. A 73 minute interview.  Click HERE to watch.  I love Lady Gaga. She’s is, simply, amazing.  Yeah, she’s weird as hell, but you have to give the woman credit for being not only an amazing singer and pianist, but a damn fine marketing machine.  She’s a living work of art. LOVE her.

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