1. All Your memes are belong to us All Your Base Are Belong to Us celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary this week.  Sheeeeeeeit, I remember when I first watched this.  I was in high school surrounded by several my my geekiest guy friends (I always seemed to have had a thing for nerds).  Know Your Meme posted a great history-of which brought back a lot of memories.

2. Bieber Fever Has anyone else noticed this lately?  The Biebs has been everywhere.  Grammy’s (don’t EVEN get me started on that one), late night TV, super bowl commercials, Glee songs…CSI!!?!??!  Lesbians That Look Like Justin Bieber I have a hard time digesting this kid.  I was a professionally trained singer and dancer for a good fifteen years of my life, and having to watch this kid become an overnight sensation is just…ugh.  Baby Baby? Bite me.

3. Henry Cavill on Superman Supah big thanks to Entertainment Weekly for this fine cover.  Cavill dishes on his upcoming Superman role. via Anglophenia

4.  Radiohead pushes up digital release The King of Limbs I love Radiohead.  Their newest album is set to drop in the US March 29, but if you happened to have preordered the digital album you got a lurvely surprise this morning.  Radiohead made the album available a day early.  Word. via Anglophenia

5.  Geekfest OMFG this video had me laughing hysterically.  Love Star Trek/Doctor Who/Star Wars/Magic the Gathering/ etc….you’ll dig this tongue-in-cheek barb by Break Originals: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKFW6QeGvns

6. Mario Kart IRL Thanks to TDW for posting this.  I always somehow managed to get my arse kicked in Mario Kart so this had me giggling.  http://geeks.thedailywh.at/2011/02/17/geek-news-mario-kart-irl/

7. Britney drops her latest video via Dlisted Move aside, Lady Gaga.  It’s Britney. Kicking her own ass. http://dlisted.com/node/40876

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