Jersey Shore Gone Wilde via The Daily What Ever wonder what dialogue from The Jersey Shore might sound like if it came from the mouths of people from, say, an Oscar Wilde play?  Wonder no more, people.  Here is is.




Your Two Minute Break via Urlesque Having a rough day?  Take a two minute break to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but watch the waves and listen to the sounds of the sea

Our “Awww” video of the week via Best Week Ever Two fat dogs and one tiger.  Not the ending you would have expected.  Awwww.






Fourteen Unintentionally Terrifying Statues via We really are an effed up society. Just sayin.









Epic Meal Time: Kid Edition I’ve posted about Epic Meal time before. Now, behold the mini edition.




Epic New Movie Trailers! Harry Potter fanatic?  Henry Cavil obsessed? Michael Fassbender/James McAvoy fan? Check out these latest movie trailers.  Summer is going to ROCK.




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