Happy Earth Day, Raunchers!

Dog eats bubbles, world melts as they listen to baby giggle: Pretty sure this kid and Emerson, the kid who’s scared of mommy’s nose blowing, would be, like BFF’s.  FOEVAH.




Series 6 Doctor Who: via Anglophenia The phenomenon that is Doctor Who sets off once more this weekend as season six’s first episodes premieres on Saturday!  Have no idea what I’m talking about?  Watch this: these guys explain 47 years of DW in six minutes.





Also, a huge shout out and hugs to the family of Elisabeth Sladen, who played one of the Doctor’s companions. She passed away April 19th after a battle with cancer.  She was one badass assistant.




Man in underwear and french bulldog boogie down to T.I.: via Urlesque If it doesn’t weird you out, it’s actually kind of cute.





10 Random Charts about Sex via OkCupid Relevant to my interests?  Sort of.  Entertaining? Definitely.



New Beastie Boys video is hilariously bad ass via Best Week Ever The Beastie Boys recently released their newest single, Make Some Noise, as well as the music video.  It’s an avalanche of cameos.  See how many familiar faces you can recognize…


Kitten falls asleep on bookshelf – Raunchy Ryan sympathizes: via Urlesque Once we realize the aforementioned kitten isn’t, ahem, dead, we collectively sigh with “awwwws” because of how nomtasticly cute this kitten is.


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