Amazing Baby T-Rex terrorizes & fascinates school kids: This is amazing. I particularly liked the comment by Dragonfederation: “Unacceptable. This is teaching kids that they can outrun dinosaurs. They’re going be in real trouble if a dinosaur outbreak/invasion occurs. disliked for factual inaccuracies.”






6 Hugely Popular Books that Inadvertently Screwed the World: via Books that impacted us then, and still are to this day.  And not necessarily in a good way.  6 Books of Doom


This kid cracks me up: This isn’t a new thing, apparently, to go into an Apple store, records yourself doing something stupid, and then posting it to YouTube.  This kid is renowned for it.  This video in particular cracked me up.  Look at the bitches chicks in the background trying to be all nonchalant and cool.  Whatevs.  Way to embrace your weird, kid.  iTr3vor on YouTube



Chicks w/ Steve Buscemeyes: This is some weird-ass shit.







Making Beautiful Music: I stumbled upon a few videos this week of artists who do original work as well as dovers, and they’re PHENOMENAL.  First is Aston, a group of twenty-somethings who mash pop and classical.  From Kanye to Adele, they’ve got it.  And it’s glorious.

Aston: Born This Way

Then there’s Karmin.  A duo of chick and dude, one sultry voice and one piano/singer/general musician extraordinaire who cover pop hits and also do their own.  Very cool.  And she’s bad-ass.  How many white girls can pull off covering Lil’Wayne or Busta Rhymes?  Yeah.  Not many.

Karmin: Look at Me Now


Speaking of Music…I’ve been on a kick lately.  An Adele kick, that is.  She is a powerhouse.  I love her music.  If you haven’t heard her latest album, you’re missing out.  Seriously.  Oh, and she’s TWENTY ONE.  Or was, at least, when she recorded her latest album, “21”.  And it’s gone platinum.  I love all the songs, and I love her no-nonsense, down-to-earth attitude.  It’s refreshing having a truly talented singer push out the auto-tuned, ass shaking teenieboppers.








What else have I been listening to?  Don’t laugh…production music company Two Steps from Hell.  You know that crazy epic music you hear in the background of a movie trailer?  That’s them.  That’s almost all they do.  I popped their Nemesis album in yesterday and had the MOST EPIC CAR RIDE TO TACO BELL EVER.  Windows down…hair flying around…EPIC MUSIC!  Fantastic.  Their music isn’t readily available to the public, though the do have one album on iTunes.  I have my magic ways…



Because I’m a chick:  I recently had a birthday, and birthdays typically mean RaunchyRyan treats herself to her favorite beauty products.  And lawdy, do I ever have expensive tastes.  Here are a few of my favs that are totally worth splurging over:










LAVANILLA Vanilla GrapefruitI’ve made this my “signature scent” for the next few months.  This stuff is so indulgent, yet not overwhelming.  It’s creamy and fruity, yet somehow manages to be sensual, too.  It’s wonderful.  I got myself a rollerball and I keep it in my purse.




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