A blog completely dedicated to nutters on Facebook who don’t realize The Onion is satirical?  Yes pleez.  Literally Unbelievable


Rock Climbing. On Speed Did you know there is such a thing as speed rock climbing? Hubs found a documentary on Netflix Instant Watch called To The Limit (Am Limit) . It’s a German film that chronicles these two brothers’ journey to speed climb Yosemite’s famed “El Capitan” peak.  What takes a normal person 3-5 days to climb takes these guys…oh…a few hours.  Insane.  INSANE. I practically pooped my pants just watching these guys sit along the edge of the cliff.  I could never do what they do.




Amazing Book Trailer ala Dareling style Tessa Dare makes the best book trailers.  THE BEST.  Using only what’s available in their children’s room, she pulls together spicy book trailers using Barbies, stuffed animals, and wicked awesome SHPESHAL EFFEKTS. She most recently did a trailer for Maya Banks’ new Highlander series.  Hilarious.  Trews, not kilts, ya’ll.


This photo made me laugh for a good fifteen minutes of the day:









Anne Hathaway Addresses Critics of the Catwoman Look Leaked pics & video hit the interwebz the past week from The Dark Knight Rises, and they’ve caused quite a stir.  Hathaway took to MTV to address H8trs. Personally, I adored the past two Batman films by Nolan, so I trust his judgement on this one.






Top Ten Philandering English Monarchs I just finished a book about a Duke marrying a courtesan, and it got me wondering how often this happened in reality, if ever.  In the course of my Googling research, I came across this list, which in general fascinated me.  Some of these aren’t surprises (Charles II? Henry VIII?). Others were…informative.  Click here to see the list



Insidious  I love a good scary movie.  I don’t necessarily spook very easily, so when I come across a movie that genuinely scares me I tend to fixate on it and lovingly adore it.  Slasher films don’t really do it for me.  Psychological thrillers and paranormal thrillers, or a mix of the two, are usually home runs to Sleepless Night Town for RaunchyRyan.  I rented Insidious this week and watched it.  When it was over, I thought it was a creepfest, and noddingly approved it.  Fast forward several hours later, where I’m half asleep and flashing back to visions of those damn ghosts & demons, and…damn it if that movie effing scared the bejesus out of me.  Loved it.


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