Here at The Raunch Dilettante I’ve pulled together this heaping hot mess as an attempt to keep my thoughts cataloged and somewhat organized, and if in the process I may help someone else find a book, movie, or website they hadn’t seen before, cool.  I love to read, and that’s a fairly recent development on my part.  I didn’t read a lot as a kid or a teenager.  In fact, I didn’t read much until I inherited my husband’s massive dowry of geeky books.  And then my Book Pimp, Karin, started pushing books my way she thought I may like and others she heard were good but didn’t have time to read herself.  And so it began.

What preceded this love of books, however, was my love of writing.  I don’t classify myself as a writer.  It’s therapeutic for me and I do it mostly for myself.  But as a kid I would get these ideas for stories in my head, and they would evolve into epic novels that rare got fully pounded out as an actual document.  As much as I enjoy writing, it wasn’t always easy for me to sit down and just write.  When a writing spell would come I’d be pretty much unavailable for however long it stuck around.  Sometimes days; other times weeks.  Thank god I have an understanding spouse.  And a microwave.

The point I’m getting to, my fellow Raunchers, is that Raunchy Ryan is experiencing something of a writing spell as of late.  My posts may dwindle for a bit, or they may not.  It really depends.  But know that I’m going to make a conscious effort to keep the reviews coming – they just may not be up daily.

If my nose isn’t buried in a book it’s likely staring at a computer monitor.  Or an iPad screen.  And my mind is off in a totally different world that only exists in my own imagination.  Better. Than. Crack.

I wanted you to know that I haven’t forsaken you.  I’m just…on holiday.  Sort of.

I’ve found these other blogger’s posts on writers who review interesting.  Like I said, I don’t really consider myself a “writer,” but it’s interesting to read about what seems to be happening int he blogosphere out there amongst authors, readers, and reviewers.

Mandi from Smexy Books: Negative Reviews and Being Nice

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