It’s a weekend wrap! It’s been a lovely summer here at TRD. I’ve finagled some friends to stop by and review some upcoming releases for the fall. I’ve had some excitement in my own life, what with my personal adventure into the world of Pure Romance.  I spent some excellent quality time with around 2,000 women in Cincinnati  to do some training and edumactin’.  I’m still brain storming on ways to intertwine TRD and my Pure Romance business without being too INYOURFACE about it. So stay tuned on that front. There will likely be some super fun giveaways and such in the future.

I’ve stumbled across some other things recently.  First and foremost:

Hell on Wheels on AMC

I have to give full credit to the hubs on finding this one. Most of the TV we watch is compliments of Netflix Instant Watch. When this show showed up Mr. Raunchy Ryan asked me if I’d heard of it. I hadn’t.  He had purposefully waited for me to watch it (I’ll let you have a moment to “awww” about that). I’m so glad he did. This show is WICKED AWESOME. Now, I don’t consider myself a fan of westerns, but after this show I think I may have to reappraise. 

Cullen Bohannan is hell bent on tracking down the Union soldiers that raped and murdered his wife. His search leads him out west to the building of the Union Pacific railroad, where he finagles his way into the work camp. Set right after the Civil War, we get to see a gritty glimpse of life out on the frontier, and how freed slaves, women, and Native Americans converge.

If that hasn’t sparked your interest then I have two words for you: SCRUFFY MEN. 


What the HELLL was up with the closing ceremonies of the London Olympics!? 

Highlights included: George Michael (random, but I buy it), Annie Lennox on her bizarre bone-viking ship (random but…well), Jessie J pansy-air-guitaring to Queen (…..), Timothy Spall popping out of a newspaper-sculpture Big Ben and spouting Shakespeare (*cricket cricket), NBC censoring Eric Idle’s Look on the Bright Side of Life (this was a redeeming moment for me, ruined by NBC) Bowie shoutout without Bowie. AND NO ADELE!?! What the frack, London!?  Whatevs.  It was fun, regardless.  David Gandy strutting his fine ass among Kate Moss and crew was pretty awesome. Representin’ the boys! The hubs was probably wondering what the HELL I was shrieking exclaiming about. 









What am I reading now?  I’m looking forward to reading The Diamond Club, our September book at The Dilettantes of Raunch club. It’s an intelligent spoof of Fifty. Need I say more?  I’m currently plowing through Tiffany Reisz’s The Angel and have several others on the back burner: Biting Cold by Chloe Neill (squee!), Diary of a Submissive by Sophie Morgan.











This is older news, but I’m still squee’ing over it.  Michael Fassbender has taken a direct interest in bringing Assassin’s Creed to the big screen. If you’re not familiar with Assassin’s Creed (ISHUNYOU!), it’s a game by Ubisoft featuring an underground, deadly ring of assassins in a quest to prevent Templars from gaining control over supernatural relics to take over the world. You take my epic love and obsession over not one but TWO things, and combine them…? Yeah. I’m done for.

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