The Fall – TV Series

I’ve had this series queued up on my Netflix lineup for awhile, mostly because I’m a huge fan girl of Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully FOEVAH) and I love dark crime series. Mr. RD and I have thoroughly enjoyed dark UK crime shows in the past (Wire in the Blood, Sherlock, etc.), and this looked promising. […]

Prometheus, dir by Ridley Scott

Redonk Nutshell: Following prehistoric clues, scientists trek to the middle of nowhere-space to discover our primordial ancestors were a bunch of assholes This review contains spoilers – continue at your own risk! I hadn’t realized I was a fan of the Alien franchise until a few weeks ago when I recalled watching the 3rd and […]

Raunchy’s Round Up

Hello Raunchers. Happy Post VD!  Er…Valentine’s Day. It’s been quieter than usual here at The Raunch Dilettante.  Mind you, there’s been lots of reading (and listening…) going on behind the scenes. I have some reviews coming up for future releases, some really great books that I’m excited to share.  In the meantime, here’s what I’ve […]

The Raunchies: 2011 Edition

Here at The Raunch Dilettante we revel in all that is raunchy, be it literature (or “lit-er-a-toor” if you’re fancy), music, film or pop culture.  Nothing is safe All is welcome!  I wanted to do some sort of best-of list, but I wanted to keep it somewhat…er…unique.  So, without much further ado, I present THE RAUNCHIES! […]

Holidaze Happenings and Whatnot

The holidays. It’s upon us, lurking in a way reminiscent of my cat who thinks he’s being all incognito but really isn’t and when he finally pounces I have to be all like, “aww…you scurred me soo baaaaad!” when in fact he really didn’t. Things have slowed a bit here at TRD, but fear not. […]

Week Wrap Up August 5

Well, slather me up and slap me silly – IT’S A WEEK WRAP UP!  Been a long time, eh? Here’s some notable events from my past week: Author LA Banks passed away Leslie Esdaile Banks lost her fight against cancer this week. I’ve never read any of her work, but I’ve seen it EVERYWHERE.  My […]

Guest Post: Mr. RaunchyRyan Explains Green Lantern

Today’s post is a guest post hosted by…wait for it…MR. RaunchyRyan!  That’s right, folks.  My husband is the bomb-shit-sha-bang and actually took time to chat about his love of all things Green Lantern. RR: Welcome, baby! Thanks for doing this. MRR: Do I have to make this all romantic and stuff? RR: No. (shoots him […]

Loving & Loathing Lady Gaga: A Study in Monstrous Absurdity and Genius

This past Tuesday, Lady Gaga released her second studio album (third major release), Born This Way.  If you had told me three years ago that I would be excited about actually purchasing (not pirating, mind you) this woman’s album, I would have snorted at you. Me? Buying a whole album? Of…her’s?  No. Way. My how […]

Week Wrap Up May 20

  The Ambiguously Gay Duo, LIVE ACTION edition [dListed] I’ve always thought the Robert Smigel cartoon The Ambiguously Gay Duo was downright hilarious (and disturbing).  An SNL classic.  Well, they took it up another notch on this past weekend’s edition.  Holy. Crap.         A Proposal of Epic Proportions [reddit] I thought this […]

Week Wrap Up May 13th

Bluegrass Prodigies [TDW]: I’ll excuse the serious redneckery that’s going on here (camo, stuffed fox, log cabin furniture) because of the kickass wonderment that is three young kids being BOSSES of bluegrass.   A Starry Night…for Breakfast [instructables]  Because why not?               Ivory Soap, Meet Mr. Microwave [DoobyBrain] This […]

Week Wrap Up: May 6

I like having schwepps via dListed Crack. Me. Up.  Europe has the best commercials.           Ride Mah Balls! via SomeEcards Um.  Okay.             The First Lady does The Dougie via O hell Nawl Fan.Tas.Tic.  Love her.               Cats pissing on […]

Sherlock, BBC One

Title: Sherlock Creators: Steven Moffat & Mark Gatiss Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) and Martin Freeman (John Watson) Find it on: BBC One or PBS (America) I was recently thinking about villains.  I love a good villain.  When I say a good villain, I mean a character so depraved and complex that I crave to see […]