Title: What I Did for a Duke, released February 22, 2011, 384 pages

Author: Julie Anne Long

Redonk Nutshell: Revenge seduction gets horribly complicated

Official Synopsis: For years, he’s been an object of fear, fascination and fantasy. But of all the wicked rumors that shadow the formidable Alexander Moncrieffe, Duke of Falconbridge, the ton knows one thing for certain: only fools dare cross him. And when Ian Eversea does just that, Moncrieffe knows the perfect revenge: he’ll seduce Ian’s innocent sister, Genevieve—the only Eversea as yet untouched by scandal. First he’ll capture her heart and then he’ll break it. But everything about Genevieve is unexpected: the passion simmering beneath her cool control, the sharp wit tempered by gentleness . . . And though Genevieve has heard the whispers about the duke’s dark past, and knows she trifles with him at her peril, one incendiary kiss tempts her deeper into a world of extraordinary sensuality. Until Genevieve is faced with a fateful choice . . . is there anything she won’t do for a duke?

I was really excited for this book.  Several fellow bloggers had nothing but good things to say about it.  And I can officially add to it’s list of accolades.  I read this sucker in a day while I sat next to my hubs, who was playing Black Ops (I typical day in Raunchy’s house).  I snorted out loud several times, earning myself a concerned look from my headset wearing, smack-talking hubbie.  The dialogue between Alex and Genevieve is pretty hysterical.

The story begins with Alex catching his fiancee in bed with Ian Eversea.  He passively vows vengeance, and sets in motion a plot to seduce Ian’s younger sister, Genevieve.  What he discovers upon visiting the Eversea home is that Genevieve is sharp and sees right through him.  Having just suffered heartbreak herself, she’s something of a casket of passiveness around the Eversea’s house party, and Alex has to up the ante in order to break through her shell.  Hilarity ensues, and before long the two of them are drawn to one another.

Here is what set What I Did for a Duke apart for me: Genevieve calls Alex out on his bull.  She has no disillusions about him whatsoever.  She’s a smart heroine, as well as compassionate.  Alex is completely comfortable in his skin.  He revels in his dark persona, but also doesn’t have any qualms about showing his softer side.

I very much enjoyed this book.  It was a nice breath of fresh air after a denser read.

What I loved about this book: It’s funny as hell at times, yet not fluffy

What I didn’t like:

Rating: B

Romance: 3/5                     Raunch: 3/5

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