It’s been quiet here the past few days at The Raunch Dilettante. Why? Because I’ve been a reading fiend, and I’m only one person, dammit. I’ve read four books this weekend. Technically 3 3/4, but I’m rounding up. HA. Without further ado, I present:

Raunchy Ryan’s Weekend Review

Author: Elizabeth Hoyt

Title: To Desire a Devil (The Legend of the Four Soldiers Book 4)

Review: Reynaud St. Aubyn bursts back into his former English life after having been held captive by Native Americans in the Americas. Ravaged by fever, he is taken in by his family, who had assumed his earldom in his presumed death seven years before. Reynauld becomes entranced by his not-cousin, Beatrice, the ward of his uncle and current earl. Reynaud presses forward to regain his title and property, as well as attempting to solve the mystery of who betrayed his regiment back in the Americas that led to his capture.

Elizabeth Hoyt is one of my favorite romance authors. She can weave a great story with captivating characters, all while throwing in a good amount of steam, romance, and hilarity. I prefer her “Princes” series to “The Four Soldiers,” though. To Desire A Devil was enjoyable, but not my favorite in the series. That would have to go to the second book, “To Seduce a Sinner,” which involves Reynauld’s friend, Jasper Vale. Devil tied together all the loose ends of The Four Soldiers Series nicely.

Rating: B-

Title: Slightly Wicked

Author: Mary Balough

Review: Judith Law has shelved herself and is on her way to her aunt’s house to serve in their household when her stagecoach overturns during a storm. In the passion of the moment, she accepts the help of a passing dashing stranger and ends up spending the next two days with him in a passionate haze. She eventually dashes off to her destination, intending to settle into her lower rank position in her aunt and uncle’s home. She comes to realize, however, that the intended beau for her cousin is none other than the dashing man she spent her fling with, Lord Rannulf Bedwyn. Awkwardness and resentment ensues, and before long both Rannulf and Judith realize their fling may have been rooted in something more substantial.

This was my first Mary Balough novel,and I’d say overall I enjoyed it. It had something of a Cinderella feel to it, what with Judith being forced to hide her beauty and tuck herself away from society. While I enjoyed this book it didn’t really stick with me. I was, however, inclined to check out the other novels in this series, which feature the other members of Rannulf’s family. I’m looking forward to checking out his older brother’s tale, Duke of Bewcastle Wulfric Bedwyn. Why? Because Wulfric is dark and broody. I like me a dark and broody hero.

Rating: B-

Author: Laura Lee Guhrke

Title: And Then He Kissed me

Review: Emmaline Dove is the woman behind Harrison Marlowe – she keeps him insanely organized, buys his sisters the perfect gifts, and keeps his mistresses in line. She’s Marlowe’s secretary, and she’s damn good at her job. But her dream is to be a published writer, and when Marlowe rejects her work she decides to take it elsewhere and terminate her employment. Marlowe insists on luring her back, and when her column becomes insanely popular, he is forced to admit his former judgement of her work was wrong, and the two have to work to figure out a way to get along. Why? Because Marlowe just acquired the paper in which her work is featured. Their relationship begins to teeter into unknown territory when sparks fly, and straight-laced Emma finds herself forced to face her strict upbringing and her feelings toward sworn bachelor Harrison Marlowe.

This is the second book I’ve read by Gurhke, and I think I’ve figured out her style: light and fluffy, kind of like cotton candy. It’s enjoyable, but doesn’t really stick with you long after you’ve finished it. I liked this one more than the first I read, if only because I liked the chemistry between Emma and Harry. Think Working Girl but set in Edwardian era.

Rating: B

I’m currently reading One Little Sin, but Liz Carlyle. I’m enjoying it, but it seems to be falling into the C+/B+ category for me…again, fun but not super moving. But I haven’t finished it, so I’m not going to be too quick to judge.

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