Well, slather me up and slap me silly – IT’S A WEEK WRAP UP!  Been a long time, eh? Here’s some notable events from my past week:

Author LA Banks passed away Leslie Esdaile Banks lost her fight against cancer this week. I’ve never read any of her work, but I’ve seen it EVERYWHERE.  My thoughts are with her family and friends.  For more info on her memorial, go here.







Remembering a Lost Friend  I heard through the grapevine (i.e. Facebook) that a classmate of mine was killed in Afghanistan this week.  This is sad, of course, but what really struck me was this:  Chris Wrinkle was my age, and had already earned two purple hearts in service for his country. TWO. Un-befracklin-lievable.  He was engaged to be married.  My heart aches for his family.  I remember him as a really nice guy, and brilliantly smart. And geeky. We got along well. 🙂






The Catherine Tate Show – Where are my fellow Whovians?  I fell in love with Catherine Tate after seeing her as The Doctor’s companion, and I found myself tracking her other work.  She’s bloody brilliant. Really. She is. She’s hysterically funny, not to mention a really great actress.  Hubs & I watched her BBC show, The Catherine Tate Show, on Netflix the past week and laughed our asses off.  She creates these characters and they each get their own short sketches with each episode. My favorites are Nan and Lauren.
Catherine Tate & David Tennant (Lauren Cooper vs. their new English teacher) Am I bothered?

Nan & the Dead Mouse What a fucking liberty!!!




Debt Bill Passed  Unless you’re living under a rock or, like many, find the idea of America in trillions of dollars in debt simply intangible, you’ve probably heard about the debt bill finally being passed.  Yay for congress finally being held fiscally responsible. *snort*  Here’s a scary thought – Apple has more cash on hand than the federal government.  Yes.  Amazing Brain Power had an interesting take on it that had me chuckling to myself.  So, what does this bill mean for us?  I have no effing clue.


Weird-Ass News

 Outed by the Router via UHpinions.com



New Ruling Requires Health Insurance to offer free birth control – GOP Rep Claims Will Lead to a Dying Civilization  Score one for women’s rights, ya’ll.  One Loss for idiotic reasoning. Or is it a gain? I dunno. All I know is this is a heap of wanking trash. GOP Rep. Steve King commented that free birth control will make America “a dying civilization.”  Call me crazy, but just because something is free doesn’t mean we chicks are all gonna rush out and troll drug stores like Sunday strollers at Costco’s free sampling stations.  Puh-leese.



New Spiderman is biracial Marvel unveiled the next Spiderman to take the reins from Peter Parker.  His name is Miles Morales, and he’s AA/hispanic.  Very. Cool.  Read more over at ONTD.

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