Redonk Nutshell: Nav pilot is abducted onto a mercenary ship and put to the test between two dominant men

I have a special place in my heart for this book, mostly because it was the first straight up sci-fi BDSM menage erotica I ever read. Why is it that, though these things aren’t necessarily things we want to experience, we find ourselves fascinated with them anyway? I don’t know.  All I know is I was completely entranced with this book, mostly because it completely blew my dwindling prudish barriers to smithereens.  Make no mistake, my fellow Raunchers – this is some seriously raunchy stuff.  It’s not for the faint of heart. Threesome galore, anal sex (including an alien with more than one…er…well…you’ll see), bondage and submission…it packs a serious smutty punch.

That said, I LOVE THIS BOOK.  *laughs maniacally* Lemme just say for the record it’s straight up porn. The bonus is that the story of this book just happens to rock.  Morgan Hawke did a stellar job creating a futuristic world where ships are sentient beings (Farscape anyone?), and the humans that help to pilot them have to jack-in to their system. We are introduced to different cultures and a wide array of adventure.  The marriage of sci-fi and erotica is simply superb.

Then of course is the relationship between our main characters, Victoria Stark aka the Victorious Star, Captain Ravnos and his partner and Commander First Officer Seht.  Ravnos and Seht have a history together, and when they bring in Victoria they immediately recognize her potential not just for their crew, but also for their bedroom.

Deliciously raunchy, Victorious Star is a rare sci-fi erotica book that also packs a hell of a story punch.

Victorious Star by Morgan Hawke, 484 pgs, 8/24/06

Rating: A

Romance: 1/5          Raunch: 5/5

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