Redonk Nutshell: A one night stands results in an unintended pregnancy and mom and baby daddy struggle with the ramificationsWe’re back for more of the Kowalski family!  This time we get Kevin’s story.  Kevin is divorced and fairly happy.  He owns a popular sports bar and has a staff of good friends.  When a one night stand at his brother’s wedding results in a pregnancy, he astonishingly finds himself somewhat glad.  He really likes Beth, and he isn’t opposed to the idea of starting a family.

Beth, on the other hand, is a hot mess.  She’s fiercely protective of her independence and loathes any form of charity sent her way.  She likes Kevin, but she can’t help but wonder if the preganancy is the only thing holding him to her.

They decide to be friends who just happen to be having a baby, and Kevin offers her one of the vacant apartments above his bar.  After a few power struggles, they eventually figure out each other’s boundaries, and their friendship progresses into territory Beth is completely terrified of.

What another great story by Ms. Stacy!  Kevin is a very likeable kind of guy.  Beth…she warms up to you.  Her emotional baggage drove me nuts at times, though I understood where her neurotic need to refuse help stemmed from.  It speaks highly of Kevin’s character that he managed to stick around and wait for Beth to figure her sh*t out.

Ms. Stacey manages to write stories that are romantic yet realistic.  Rare is the romance book featuring a baby story line that manages to make me NOT wanna roll my eyes.  This was one.  I really enjoyed this story and was pleased with the gradual HEA. So why the C rating you ask?  Because Beth and her craziness grated on me.  Book one of The Kowalski family remains my favorite so far.

Undeniably Yours by Shannon Stacey, 384 pgs, 1/31/12

Rating: C+

Romance: 2.5/5          Raunch: 2/5


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