Title: The Undoing of a Lady (The Brides of Fortune Book 3)

Author: Nicola Cornick

Redonk Nutshell: Childhood friends realize they’re waaaaay more than friends

Official Synopsis: Courting scandal since girlhood, free-spirited Lady Elizabeth Scarlet vows there is just one way to save her childhood friend from a loveless marriage: to kidnap him! But Nathaniel is furious. So angry that he challenges her to take their assignation to its natural conclusion and seduce him.  When her inexperienced attempt flares into intense passion, Lizzie is ruined…and hopelessly, unexpectedly, in love with Nathaniel, the Earl of Waterhouse. Now the wild and willful Lizzie must convince Nat that they are a perfect match—in every way.

When I attempted to explain this book to friends of mine I warned them that this book comes out swinging from the first few pages.  It’s HAWT.  This is one of those romance books where the couple ends up marrying within the first few chapters, and the rest of the book is the story of them actually getting to know each other and eventually fall in love.  The kicker with The Undoing of a Lady is that Lizzie and Nat have known each other for most of their lives.  Except when Lizzie forces Nat to cross an unspoken line, they realize they’re in way over their depth of what they *think* they know about each other.

Lizzie is hellfire incarnate.  She’s smart, feisty, and honestly doesn’t give a crap about what people say or think about her.  Her two elder brothers are both hot messes, so she’s used to flirting with scandal.  Nathaniel took it upon himself to look out for her since her own brothers wouldn’t, and thus began their friendship.  When Nat entered into an engagement with a local woman solely for her money, Lizzie took it upon herself to show him how foolish it was, that he shouldn’t marry for money but for love.

Now mind you, when she locks herself and Nat in a building against his will she doesn’t have it in her head to convince him that he should marry her.  No.  In fact, Lizzie just wants him to realize that he’s going to eventually regret his decision and then spend the rest of his life agonizing over it.  Nat, of course, is furious, especially when he realizes that Lizzie isn’t going to let him out.  That’s when things get interesting.  And that’s just the first few chapters.

I really enjoyed this book.  It’s one of my favorite’s by Nicola Cornick, and the third in her Brides of Fortune Series.  The dynamic between Lizzie and Nat sizzles between the pages and you truly root for both of them to get over themselves and see each other for who they truly are.

What I loved about this book: Fantastic SHEXY scenes

What I didn’t like: hmm…

Rating: A

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