Redonk Nutshell: Woman begins to fall for the artist hired to sculpt her nude marble

Fallon Frost agrees to pose for a renowned artist in order to save her foster mother’s home from being bulldozed. Max Emery has a talent like no other, the ability to see beneath the surface of his subjects and capture them in an uncanny life like state with his chisel and marble.  When Fallon arrives in his studio he’s intrigued by her detachment and her staid manner.  Fallon, on the other hand, finds Max infuriating.  He speaks his mind and throws her completely off balance with his complexity. As Max begins to strip Fallon of her barriers, they both encounter emotions they hadn’t been prepared to expect.

Woooo-eeee, what a read this was. I remember seeing this book pop up at several fellow blogger’s sites and I was intrigued, but I kept putting it off.  I’m glad I finally got to it, because it was a wonderful read.  Meg Magauire, aka Cara McKenna, is so incredibly gifted at creating complex characters that delve into the uncomfortable nature of intimacy in a way that makes your toes curl, both good and bad.  It’s fantastic.   Fallon is cold where Max is hot, and they miraculously meet somewhere in the middle that simmers in a manner fitting to perfection.

Highly recommended if you’re looking for a sensual read that will leave you smiling secretly to yourself for days.

The Reluctant Nude by Med Maguire, 4/5/11

Rating: A

Romance: 4/5                 Raunch: 3.5/5

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