I’ve seen creatures in the Indian rain forest so wondrous and rare they haven’t had names since the Garden of Eden. I’ve ridden an elephant across the African veldt with nothing but grass as far as the eye could see. I’ve watched the sun rise and set over the ancient pyramids of Giza. I’ve traveled the world over and seen sights so incredible most men would never even dare to dream of them…but I’ve never seen anything that could compare to you.”

I have learned that I can trust any work by Teresa Medeiros is going to be an enthralling roller coaster of laughter, passion and intrigue.  Her latest, The Pleasure of Your Kiss is no exception.  We’re treated to a clever heroine and an adventures hero, two leading characters who’ve been in a doomed relationship since their youth.  Throw in kidnapping, assassination attempts, and brothel life and we’ve got an interesting and intriguing tale to keep us buried snugly under a blanket gleefully devouring page after page.

Clarinda and her friend Poppy were on a ship to Burma to meet her fiance when they were intercepted by pirates and sold to a sultan.  Clarinda’s finace sends his renowned brother, Ash, to bring her back.  Neither Clarinda or Ash are prepared to face the tatters of their long since abandoned relationship, and they are forced to tread carefully not only around each other, but also the scimitar-welding sultan holding them all precariously in his clutches.

I very much enjoyed this story.  The harem theme puts The Pleasure of Your Kiss in a more sensual category of Ms. Medeiros’s books,and her capable talent treats us to a fantastically balanced romantic and indulgent tale. I really liked the adventure driving the story as well – it almost had a very Indiana Jones-type feel to it, especially with Ash’s antics with escapes and gun fights.  All he needs is a whip…heh heh.

The Pleasure of Your Kiss by Teresa Medeiros, 582 pgs, 12/27/11

Rating: B

Romance:  4/5                           Raunch: 4/5

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