Redonk Nutshell: A woman longs for her recently returned paramour and is saved from an attack by what appears to be a mythical werestag

My redonk nutshell makes no damn sense.  *snort*  This novella by one of my favorite AUTHORS OF ALL TIME!!!!, Tessa Dare, was a short and sweet, though fluffy and short lived.  Contrary to the paranormal-sounding title, this is a regency romance that flirts with Gothic themes.

Cecily Hale is heartbroken over her spurned affections for her friend and love, Luke Trenton.  He recently returned from war, and after waiting for him for several years, Cecily is more than ready to declare her love for him.  Except he doesn’t return it.  While the two of them and several of their friends stay at a large estate, they go out into the estate’s woods in search of a fabled “were-stag”, a half man half stag that is reported to enchant the forest.  Cecily breaks off on her own and has a run in with a boar, but is saved by what seems to be a man that came out of no where.

If you’re looking for a romantic tale that will fully engross and enchant you, skip The Legend of the Werestag.  It’s a lovely little tale, but nothing awesome to write home about.

Rating: C

Romance: 1/5      Raunch: 3/5

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