Redonk Nutshell: Bodyguard falls for his magically inclined client and reluctantly agrees to help her cross enemy territory to find her adoptive father

Kathryne Kennedy is an author who’s books eventually end up on my shelves come hell or high water.  I anxiously await her latest releases, especially this one in particular.  The Fire Lord’s Lover is the first book in her Elven Races series, and it remains a fall back favorite of mine.  You can only imagine how anxious I was to get my hands on numero dos, The Lady of the Storm.

Many years have passed between TFLL and TLOTS.  Our heroine, Cecily, was only a child in book one and now she’s all grown up and on the cusp of being a vital player to The Rebellion against England’s Elven lords. In TFLL, she is smuggled out of London for her own safety and was settled in a sea side village with her mother and adoptive father, Thomas.  Thomas enlists the help of fellow Rebellion participant, Giles, to keep an eye on Cecily and protect her from harm.  Giles agrees and spends the next decade watching her grow up from a knobby adolescent to a beautiful young woman.  The two of them fall in love with each other, but Giles keeps his feelings unknown to her, feeling himself well below her station.  Not to mention the fact that Cecily’s magic is kick-ass powerful, so powerful that the Elven Lord of her home town (also her biological father) would kill her in an instant if he knew she existed.

When an attack on their quiet village kills Cecily’s mother, she takes it upon herself to track down her father, who had traveled to whereabouts unknown several years prior.  Giles accompanies her, and together the adventure toward London to meet with The Rebellion leaders.  In the process, the two of them come to find their attraction near impossible to ignore. One adventure after another eventually leads Cecily into the lion’s den of danger, and Giles follows against his better judgement after vowing to leave her be.

I very much enjoyed the second installment in The Elven Races series.  Cecily’s ability to manipulate water and storms is downright epic.  She is a strong woman, though untried out in the big bag world.  She knows what she wants and she’s unafraid to go after it, though she may stumble around at first until she gets her footing.  Giles is a beautiful man who is constantly fighting with himself (and his sword that has a mind of its own).  He wants Cecily but feels unworthy of her. He is a vain man, though kind at heart.  When a spell scars his beautiful face, he withdraws into himself, very much like The Beast in Beauty and The Beast.  Cecily wants him regardless, but he pushes her away.

Once more, the world building of Ms. Kennedy is top notch.  TLOTS picks up in that sense right where TFLL left off and continues to build upon it.  The book could stand on its own, though it would be better to read TFLL before to get the backstory of The Rebellion and where Cecily came from.

Epic, adventurous and romantic, The Lady of the Storm is an excellent next step in this magical series.

The Lady of the Storm by Kathryne Kennedy, 384 pgs

Rating: B

Romance: 2.5/5            Raunch: 3.5/5

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