Redonk Nutshell: King’s right hand man falls for future Queen when he is sent to escort her to her new husband

This was a pure guilty pleasure read on my part.  Someone tweeted it a few weeks ago and it sounded right up my alley.  This was my first read by Ms. Ashbless.  The King’s Viper is a fantasy/regency read, being set in an imaginary country with imaginary royals. Eloise is ready to marry the King, and when he sends his legendary assassin, Severin, to retrieve her, Eloise is…intrigued.  He isn’t what she expected, that is until the ship they’re on is sent to Davy Jones’ locker during a raging storm, and the two of them are left to fend for themselves when they wash ashore.  Severin and Eloise are forced to hoof it through enemy territory, and they work together to create a cover story that allows them safe passage.  In the process, they end up becoming attached to each other, and their attraction forces them to make some serious decisions.

The King’s Viper is an erotic read, and we’re treated with some tantalizing scenes between virginal Eloise and dark yet loyal Severin.  I enjoy road tales, and we get some fun interaction between these two while they’re learning to play nicely.  Though predictable, I enjoyed this book.  It was escapism at its best.  I’ll likely be picking up more by Ms. Ashbless in the future.

The King’s Viper by Janine Ashbless, 8/19/11

Rating: B-

Romance: 2/5           Raunch: 4/5

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