Redonk Nutshell: An old photograph brings back memories of a woman and her strange and astonishing tale of time travel

Mr. Raunchy Ryan recommended this book to me after he finished it.  It’s a historical romp through NYC during it’s industrial revolution age, and we get to meet historically relevant figures like Tesla, Edison, and J.P. Morgan.  Yet amongst this history and science, there’s also magic at work – a young woman appears and is convinced she can travel through time, that her father, the last King of Ohio, is in need of her and she has to get back to him.  Our hero, Peter, decides to help her, if only because he feels pity for her and her questionable state.  But as these two go on their adventure together, he realizes there might be a bit of truth to her tale.

The Kingdom of Ohio is a fun read, a literary escapade through several engrossing themes.  We get a lovely romantic story of two people tangled in a mess of intrigue involving time traveling and politics.  The characters aren’t terribly complex, but you’re so engrossed in all that’s happening in the story it doesn’t really matter.

If you’re looking for something with a little magic, romance, and history, The Kingdom of Ohio is a good pick.

Rating: C

Romance: 3/5           Raunch: 0/5

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