Redonk Nutshell: Fae bad boy has to contend with his Queen’s curse of mortality and invisibility amongst the humans

A few notes before I dive into this. The Immortal Highlander is book 6 in Moning’s Highlander series.  I’ve read 1 & 5, as well as her Fae Fever series, so I had wee bit of background going in to this book.  That said, it’s not impossible to pick this up without having any prior knowledge of anyone in the series.

Adam Black is the bad boy of the Fae Seelie court.  He’s a prankster and extremely unpredictable, two factors that get him into a predicament with his Queen, Aoibheal.  She strips him of his immortality and throws him into the human realm with nothing but his wits and a curse that leaves him cloaked with fae power, aka invisible to the human eye.  Adam traipses around for three miserable months, desperate to find a way to make contact with his Queen so he can beg his forgiveness.  No one can see or sense him until he runs across Gabrielle O’Callaghan in Cincinnati.  Gabby is a Sidhe-seer, a woman that can see the fae.  All her life she has been warned to ignore them and to avoid them.  This fae, however, she can’t help but stare at.  She catches his eye and she immediately panics, attempting to hightail it outta there, but Adam tracks her down.  Gabby eventually figures out who exactly he is after consulting her Grandmother’s assortment of Sidhe-seer books (which of course makes her panic even more because Adam Black IS TO BE AVOIDED AT ALL COST).  *snort* Adam, however, has other plans for Gabby. He plans on enlisting her help to assist him in making contact with other fae.  In the process, his enemy, Darroc, realizes Adam is vulnerable in his mortal state, and hunts him down to kill him.  Adam & Gabby work together to keep out of Darroc’s clutches all while attempting to contact the fae Queen.  In the process, the two end up falling for each other and are forced to consider the implications of such.

Ms. Moning is a great writer.  She consistently delivers a thrilling and witty story with juicy characters that typically end up in some delightfully raunchy situations. The caveat is that each story tends to fall into the same story pattern.  To be honest, the only reason I read this book was because I picked it up at a book sale.  I would  not have purchased it otherwise, having read two others in the Highlander series.  I probably would have considered borrowing it from the library, but to buy it?  Nah.  You’ve read on Highlander book, you’ve sort of got the gist of the rest.  Still, I did enjoy Adam Black’s story, though I don’t see myself going back and reading it again.

The Immortal Highlander by Karen Marie Moning, Highlander #6), 348 pgs

Rating: C

Romance: 2/5           Raunch: 4/5

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