Redonk Nutshell: Radio programmer Jo blurs the line between reality and fantasy

Janet Mullany’s latest release is the story of Jo Hutchinson, a twenty-something woman who works late nights at her local radio station.  Recently recovering from a break-up, Jo finds solace in her late night conversations with her mysterious friend, Mr. D, which have taken a steamy turn.  Jo becomes obsessed with pleasing Mr. D, seeking out adventures in her daily life to spin into fantastical erotic romps over the phone for Mr. D.  In the process, her new tenant, Patrick, moves in and the two strike up a cozy friendship that begins to blossom into something more.  To top it off, Jo is invited to an exclusive sex club that specializes and indulges in fantasies.  She’s soon swept up into a dreamworld of erotic pleasure, and she finds herself having problems functioning in reality.

Tell Me More was a romp of sensual exploits, but also very endearing.  And funny.  Mullany has a great skill in creating multidimensional characters that are deep reservoirs of human emotion and experience.  Jo is a strong, independent woman, but has several serious flaws.  Patrick has his own problems as well, and watching the two of them work it out is a really interesting drama.  Your heart beats and breaks for them.

This novel is erotica at its best.  A good, strong story driven by interesting characters, and steamy scenes that will leave you smiling secretly to yourself.


Tell Me More (rel. 7/19/11, 352 pgs) by Janet Mullany

Rating: B+

Romance: 3/5                   Raunch: 5/5

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