Redonk Nutshell: Attorney inherits a high strung Chinese Crested and enlists the help of a dog behaviorist to help him

Emma Jenkins is conflicted when Thomas Tobin walks into her office.  He’s huge, a hulking viking-like guy with a quivering mess of a Chinese Crested, Hairy, tucked into his arm. She’s instantly attracted to him, but his complete lack of humor stymies her. When she receives a call of help from him a few days later and meets him at the emergency vet that she realizes Thomas has a very hard exterior but very soft interior.

Thomas recognizes his attraction to Emma right away, but he tucks it aside and focuses on getting his newly inherited dog taken care of.  His former informant was murdered, leaving behind his dog with no one to take care of him. Thomas takes Hairy in, and he quickly finds himself questioning his sanity of having such a dainty dog.  When he realizes that Hairy is wicked smart and might be able to help track down his former owner’s killer, he enlists the help of his sexy veterinarian to help.

This was a really sassy and cute contemporary romance.  I really like Susan Donovan’s style.  It’s silly and quirky, and oh-so-sensual.  Her love scenes are fairly raunchy, but the romance is there too.  Her characters are flawed in very human ways, and you can’t help but like them.  The villains tend to be a bit over the top, but it works.

I warmed quickly to this story because of the dog, Hairy. Our hero & heroine are very likable, though they each have some issues they have to work through, Thomas especially. Toward the end, there were some moments I found myself rolling my eyes – just your typical over-exaggerated romance stuff…I-LOVE-YOU-SO-MUCH-I-CAN’T-HELP-MYSELF- but overall I really enjoyed this book.

Take a Chance on Me by Susan Donovan, 8/18/03, 337pgs

Rating: B-

Romance: 4/5         Raunch: 3.5/5

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