Title: Suddenly You

Author: Lisa Kleypas

Redonk Nutshell: Novelist gets more than she bargained for when she hires a professional to take her virginity

Official Synopsis: She was unmarried, untouched and almost thirty, but novelist Amanda Briars wasn’t about to greet her next birthday without making love to a man. When he appeared at her door, she believed he was her gift to herself, hired for one night of passion. Unforgettably handsome, irresistibly virile, he tempted her in ways she never thought possible…but something stopped him from completely fulfilling her dream.  Jack Devlin’s determination to possess Amanda became greater when she discovered his true identity. But gently-bred Amanda craved respectability more than she admitted, while Jack, the cast-off son of a nobleman and London’s most notorious businessman, refused to live by society’s rules. Yet when fate conspired for them to marry, their worlds collided with a passionate force neither had expected…but both soon craved.

I was immediately intrigued by the premise of this book.  A successful, independent woman decides to treat herself for her 30th birthday and hire a trained professional to take her virginity.  I mean, c’mon.  That sounds like an interesting story.  Especially because you know that some serious sh*t is likely going to hit the fan in one way or another, and I, for one, have no issues admitting I’d want a front seat ticket to that show.

Lis Kleypas’s books have been hit or miss for me.  I found Suddenly You at my local Salvation Army store on 1/2 off Wednesday.  Score one for Ryan. I started this book in the evening and finished it about 24 hours later. It was one of “those” reads, where you’re intrigued about your characters and just really, really NEEDTOKNOW what happens next.

Amanda Briars is an insanely successful author.  The only thing she’s felt lacking in her life is…er…well…sex. She’s about to turn thirty and she’s tired of lacking the experience of making love.  So what is a well-off, successful woman to do but to take matters into her own hands and visit a local Matron.  On Amanda’s birthday, she’s greeted by a handsome and charming man at her door.  The problem, however, is that by this time Amanda’s blood has returned to her brain and she’s changed her mind.  Jack, her visitor, charms his way into her home and talks his way into her arms, but leaves her before things go too far.  She’s both grateful and irritated by his abrupt departure.  Amanda’s irritation soon blooms into full blown anger when she learns that Jack is in fact Jack Devlin, a notorious publisher seeking to gain Amanda’s works.  Thus, their future and unavoidable collisions begin to snowball into something deeper and romantic.

Suddenly You was a lovely treat.  It was on the raunchier end of Kleypas’s scale (I approve), but not, by far, as raunchy as it could (should even?) have been.  I enjoyed watching both Amanda and Jack collide – there’s really no other way to explain it.  Their relationship evolves enticingly against their better wishes, and watching them struggle and ultimately accept their fates was fun.  I very much liked Jack.  He’s a tough business man, a self-made man who holds himself in high regard but yet retains a degree of humility.

All in all, I very much enjoyed Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas.  Though following your standard romance formula, it’s worth picking up to read pool side or at the beach.

Rating: B-

Romance: 3/5     Raunch: 3.5/5

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