Redonk Nutshell: Independent woman who typically pays for no strings attached dates falls for an inadvertent hook up with a man she wasn’t expecting

Grace Hawley is a young funeral director.  She inherited the business from her retired (and high strung) father, who only retired at the insistence of his wife.  Grace is young, successful, and smart.  And she has no desire whatsoever for any sort of emotional connection with a man.  She does, however, have physical needs.  When one of her clients leaves a business card catering to women in need of “services,” she takes it.  Thus begins Grace’s experiences with paid companions.

When Stranger begins, Grace is on her way to a bar to meet a new escort.  Tonight she wanted it to be a stranger, to have the experience of having sex with someone he didn’t know and would never see again.  When a man arrives and catches her eye, there’s instant chemistry.  Too bad she doesn’t realize until many hours later that this man, Sam, wasn’t her paid date at all.  He literally was a complete stranger.

Grace is convinced she won’t see him again, but of course she does, when Sam’s family uses her funeral business upon the death of their father.  She struggles to juggle her burgeoning feelings toward Sam as well as her need for no strings attached.  She continues to entertain a particular male, Jack, while avoiding any sort of connection with Sam.  And it isn’t until things with Jack progress to an uncomfortable level of emotional intimacy that Grace admits herself she has feelings for Sam.

Sounds complicated, and it is. But it’s lovely.  What really makes Megan Hart’s books tick for me are the complex and emotionally volatile characters she creates amid the steamy and sensual story line.  Yes, it’s deliciously raunchy.  But it’s also dense with substance.  Never fails with Ms. Hart.  If your’e looking for an erotic novel that will  light the fire and linger long after the flame, Megan Hart is your lady.

I have much love for this book.  Can’t wait to read more.

Stranger by Megan Hart 425 pgs, 2/1/9

Rating: A

Romance: 3/5            Raunch: 5/5


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