Redonk Nutshell: Ravaged by grief, a married couple struggles to rekindle their connection amidst a threatening British presence

This was my first read by Michelle Willingham.  Highlander themes aren’t necessarily my cup-o-tea, but I decided to give this one a try to spice things up a bit.

Clan chief Alex MacKinloch has managed to unite his people during the trying times of British threats along their borders.  His personal life, however, is in dire need of repair.  His wife, Laren, harbors grief over the loss of their infant son several years prior, and has been distancing herself from him ever since.

Coming from poor, humble beginnings, Laren has always carried a burdened worry that she was never “good enough” for her husband, especially since he became the chieftan.  Besides caring for their two daughters, Laren has poured herself into her art of glassmaking.  It’s become her saving grace, a place for her to fully put aside her grief and self doubt. When their lands are attacked and their people are forced to figure a way to raise funds to rebuild, Laren finds a way to use her glass making to make money.  Never one for wanting the limelight, Laren keeps it a secret from all but a few, including her husband.

This book was more or less the story of a ravaged  couple trying to pick up the pieces of their marriage.  We experience both sides of their story, following them through their insecurities and burdens.  I thought it was an interesting journey, though at times I wanted to smack both of them for being so ignorant of one another.  Then again, the loss of a child can render the strongest of us completely senseless.  Alex & Laren lost their infant son a few days after his birth, and the two of them never truly recovered.  When the novel begins, they’re at the point where they seem like strangers to one another.

I won’t ruin it for you and tell you how it ends.  That’s the whole point of the book.  It’s a satisfactory ending, I tell you that much.  I enjoyed this book, if only because the premise was intriguing.  I liked that this was a married couple, and that the courting process went a bit differently because of their history.  While I enjoyed the read, there wasn’t much else entirely remarkable about it. One of those…”oh, that was nice now on to something else” kind of books.

Seduced by Her Highland Warrior by Michelle Willingham, 228 pgs, avail July 2011

Rating: C

Romance: 3/5          Raunch: 2/5

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