Redonk Nutshell: Upstanding older brother gets in over his head with a woman he can’t seem to shake from his past

I love it when a series comes to a conclusion with an epic BANG! And in this case it’s safe to say that in a raunchy way because this book has some serious smoke.

The third book in Dah’ls Donovan Brother’s Brewery series gives us Eric’s story.  Poor Eric. He’s gotten a lot of crap from his younger siblings in the first two books. He’s the eldest, the brother that kept (and continues to keep) things running somewhat smoothly.  He assumes the parental role when their parents tragically die, a role Eric carries with heavy burden. While his sister and brother flail and falter their way to finding true contentment, Eric stands stoically by and offers his support in a way only an older brother can.

Well, it’s always the quiet ones you gotta watch. *snort*

Eric can’t seem to shake the memory of the woman from his one night stand several months ago. “One night stand,” you say? “Eric?”  Yup. Well, he’s met his match in Beth, the quiet yet independent woman who runs the classy erotic adult boutique in his hometown. When these two inadvertently crash into one another the sparks start flying once again, and they gradually give in to the temptation to have another night together.  When one night turns into two, they realize their attraction to one another can’t be ignored.  But in order to make their relationship work, they both have their own issues to work through.

This is my favorite in the Donovan series, which is funny because I wasn’t a big Eric fan until this book.  Beth is a wonderful watch for him, and the crazy-intense sparks that fly between them will really make you grin and blush.  You want nothing more than for these two to figure out their baggage so they can just quit the crap and be together.  And when they do get together?  Ah, yes. It’s magical.

I consumed this book in a day.  It’s a lovely fluffy yet steamy read.  I could have done without the drama of Eric’s siblings (can someone just smack Tessa? Please?), but Eric and Beth rise above it to shine as the stars of this book.

Real Men Will by Victoria Dahl, 10/25/11

Rating: B-

Romance: 2/5            Raunch: 4.5/5


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