This week’s quote is from the upcoming release from Charlotte Stein, Make Me. 

“Just…” he starts, only there’s no finish. His hands make frustrated patterns in the air, instead, before returning to that crazy hair.

And then I’m just left to interpret this new form of sign language.

Which I do. In the worst possible way.

“You want me to not touch your cock?” I say, only this time my faux-innocence has a little bonus on the end. It features the word ‘cock’, and the word ‘cock’ has rather unexpected side effects. It send a bolt of heat, right through me. It strokes a slow, slick hand between my legs. And, best of all, it turns his face the colour of a ripe tomato – like he’s embarrased, I think. I’ve backed him into a corner, and now our roles from before are near reversed.

Make Me is available May 17th.

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