I started counting time for you. I want to change who I am for you. You are my Grace.

He was too full, and there weren’t enough words. He said, “I did not know I needed grace until I met you.”

Redonk Nutshell:Ancient djinn takes a young oracle and her children under his protection

Book four in The Elder Races series picks up more or less where book three left off, only this time we’re following the story of Grace, the young and newly ordained Oracle, and her young niece and nephew.  Khalil, a very old and renowned djinn, has been hanging around since his initial arrival (with Carling and Rune from book three), and he finds himself pulled toward the children.  He and Grace butt heads over his insistent presence, and Grace only relents when she realizes the benefits of having him around.  It’s only when she begins to sense her attraction to him that things begin to get doubly complicated.

I adored this book. I was excited to read it, mostly because I was intrigued with the idea of Khalil and his sort of formless state.  He can take the form of pretty much anything, but his natural essence is more or less smoke and Power.  So of course, in my twisted and perverted mind, I was morbidly curious to know how this was going to work out between him and Grace.  Also? He’s hilarious.  The way he talks, and his general interaction with all things mundane and human is simply hysterical.

Grace is a fun heroine. She’s downtrodden but tough as nails.  Her inherited Oracle abilities are unwelcome, but instead of throwing herself a pity party she opts to take the bull by the horns.  In the process she realizes she has the potential to craft her Power in a manner none of her predecessors could.

Oracle’s Moon doesn’t have the scorching heat that Dragon Bound does, but it makes up for it in sweet humor and romantic devotion. It felt like something a little different to me, an aperitif, if you will, for the next book in the series, which will bring us back to our first duo, Pia and Dragos.

Which is SOOOOOOO awesome.

Oracle’s Moon by Thea Harrison

Rating: B

Romance: 4/5           Raunch: 4/5

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