I’ve been ambushing the library’s paperback section lately, and I’ve honed in on specific authors.  I’ve read several books by Julia Quinn, and I have officially added her to my mental “favorite authors” list.  Her stuff is fantastic.  Witty, hilarious, romantic, sensual, dramatic and original.  I’m rarely disappointed in any book I pick up that’s written by her.  Here’s what I recently read by her:

Title: Ten Things I Love About You (The Bevelstoke Series)

I read the first in this series (What Happens in London) this past January and very much enjoyed it.  I picked this one up not realizing at first it was its sequel.  As I began reading it I realized I knew of these characters and made the connection (I know…sometimes I’m a bit slow).  This book follows Sebastian Grey, the man who in What Happens in London had me rolling with laughter.  This was a lovely read.  I very much enjoyed watching Sebastian fall head over heels nuts in love with Annabel Winslow, a smart and very dry humored woman who is more than meets the eye.

Rating: B





Title: Mr. Cavendish, I Presume

I grabbed this book off the shelf when I noticed it had been mis-shelved.  I slipped it into my bag after reading the synopsis (I hadn’t connected that it was a Julia Quinn book at that point) – woman has been engaged to the same man since her childhood; man never makes a move; man realizes she’s actually pretty cool; man suddenly has his title threatened and may not be entitled to woman afterall

Thomas Cavendish is a fun hero.  He’s darker (because he keeps mostly to himself), and he’s sharp.  Amelia Willoughby is a refreshing heroine – she’s feminine but not simpering, smart but not brash, patient but firm.  Their relationship blossoms reluctantly and it’s brilliant.  There is a second in this series and someday I’ll pick it up.

Rating: B+



Title: The Duke and I

I reviewed this only a few days ago – find it here.  This is the first in The Bridgerton Series.  So far, my favorite.

Rating: A









Title: Romancing Mr. Bridgerton

The 4th novel in the Bridgerton series, this book follows the story of Colin, the third eldest male in the family (closet to Daphne in age).  I picked this one up specifically because I was most intrigued by Colin when I read the first book following Daphne’s story.  I was curious to see what happened to Colin, as well as how Penelope Featherington made out (she’s painted as the most down to earth of her featherbrained family in the first novel).  I wasn’t disappointed.  Love Colin.  And Penelope…brilliant

Rating: B






Title: Splendid

I actually purchased this on my iPad, excited because a) it’s Quinn’s first novel and b) it follows an American heiress through the London season.  I enjoyed the story, though I have to say Splendid is definitely NOT may favorite Quinn novel.  Can’t really point out why other than the hero kind of turned me off (as much as I wanted to like him I found his forwardness off putting), and the heroine kept getting herself into the most ridiculous situations.

Rating: C






I have a few other Julia Quinn novels tucked away to read.  I absolutely recommend giving her a go.  I’d recommend starting with The Duke and I or perhaps Mr. Cavendish, I Presume.  Though you can’t really go wrong with any of her books.  Her newest book, Just Like Heaven, is due out May 2011.  Check out her website for more info:  http://www.juliaquinn.com/index.php

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