Redonk Nutshell: Engaged couple toys with the idea of a threesome

No Holds Barred by Callie Croix is a short and smutty story of Cait and Nathan, a lucky-and-in-love couple, who are hosting a good friend for a weekend. Cait can’t seem to get the idea of a threesome out of her head after Nathan had brought it up in conversation. She’s torn between her rational and erotic reactions, and she struggles to keep herself from daydreaming about what, exactly, a threesome wth their friend Liam would be like. Something I found myself enjoying about this short story was how much Cait struggled with her feelings on the whole bringing-in-a-friend thing. She tried at first to deny the fact that she was intrigued, and then when she finally acknowledged the idea had merit to her, she still struggled with allowing herself permission to enjoy it. Of course, her fiance, Nathan, was nothing but supportive and understanding to the whole thing, ready to call a halt at the first sign of trouble. And Liam knows his place as well as he knows his good friends, and he plays along in their game as a willing player.

The encounter is an erotic awakening as well as a romantic one. At the end of Liam’ stay, both Cait and Nathan realize even more how much they love each other and how possessive they are of that love.

No Holds Barred is a nice little interlude away from ordinary.

No Holds Barred by Callie Croix,11/21/11

Rating: C

Romance: 3/5                          Raunch: 5/5

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