Night Resurrected

Rating: C+

Romance: 3/5        Raunch: 2/5

Redonk Nutshell: Angsty crusaders against the rule team up to find themselves attracted to one another

True story: I didn’t know jack squat about Joss Ware’s “Envy Chronicles” story arc when I picked up Night Resurrected. The good news is that I didn’t have any problem following along with what was happening. Score! The bad news, and it’s not really that bad, is that there was definitely a bit of back story/interaction that had occurred between our two protagonists that may have deepened my investment into these characters.

Wyatt once had everything: a beautiful loving wife, two kids and an ideal life. Until they were ripped away from him in a bizarre twist of time travel/fantasy weirdness. He’s carried the burden of their loss for a long time, now, and he’s armored himself against the harsh world with a cool, indestructible facade.

Remy has something that everyone wants – a mysterious crystal bestowed to her by her renowned father. She is desperate to protect it, despite not having any idea what it does or why everyone wants it. And everyone DOES want it, enough so to kill her for it. When she has a run in with Wyatt and he realizes she has it, he attaches himself to her side as a self-proclaimed body guard so she can get where she needs to go. What neither of them count on is falling for each other (GASP!)

When I picked up Night Resurrected I was looking for a contemporary action something-or-other that offered a little something different. Despite the cliche and predictable plot lines I very much enjoyed Ms. Ware’s most recent Envy addition. It was a bit of Walking Dead with a sci-fi/fantasy twist, and I totally dug that. It fell in to my read-it-and-drop-it category, a book that I enjoyed but doubt I will read again.

Night Resurrected by Joss Ware

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