Title: Mr. Impossible

Author: Loretta Chase

Official Synopsis: Rupert Carsington, fourth son of the Earl of Hargate, is his aristocratic family’s favorite disaster. He is irresistibly handsome, shockingly masculine, and irretrievably reckless, and wherever he goes, trouble follows. Still, Rupert’s never met an entanglement–emotional or other–he couldn’t escape. Until now. Now he’s in Egypt, stranded in the depths of Cairo’s most infamous prison, and his only way out is accepting a beautiful widow’s dangerous proposal. Scholar Daphne Pembroke wants him to rescue her brother, who’s been kidnapped by a rival seeking a fabled treasure. Their partnership is strictly business: She’ll provide the brains, he, the brawn. Simple enough in theory. Blame it on the sun or the blazing desert heat, but as tensions flare and inhibitions melt, the most disciplined of women and the most reckless of men are about to clash in the most impossiblyirresistible way.

Gads, I think I’ve read almost all of Ms. Chase’s books now, and I still can’t get enough.  She is so damn good.  The only book I haven’t taken to of hers was Miss Perfect, the first in the Carsington Brothers series.  Mr. Impossible is book two, followed by Lord Perfect (which I’m reading right now BTW), then Not Quite a Lady, then Last Night’s Scandal. I’ve gone about reading this series all out of order, and it really didn’t make any difference whatsoever. They all stand alone, and they each shine independently of one another, a feat many romance authors are unable to achieve.  Loretta Chase is, simply, a master.

Mr. Impossible is, by far, my favorite of the Carsington series. It’s HILARIOUS.  Simply wonderful.  Our heroine, widow and scholar Daphne Pembroke, is brilliant and headstrong, yet remarkably down to earth. Our hero, Rupert Carsington, is unbelievably handsome and hilariously dim (on purpose).  He’s the sort of man that says ridiculous things with the sole intent to set people off.  Why?  Because it makes things terribly interesting.  When Daphne hires him to help her find her kidnapped brother in the deserts of Egypt, they end up on an incredible journey that takes them into pyramids, tombs, jail cells, and boat quarters.  The chemistry between these two is fantastic.  Their dialogue had me seriously rolling at times.  Rupert is, by far, one of my favorite heroes created by Ms. Chase.  He’s the brawn while Daphne is the brains, though Daphne comes to learn there’s much more to Rupert than what he lets on. And Rupert is forever fascinated with the ever-intriguing Daphne.  They’re a brilliant match for each other.

As expected, Ms. Chase’s books are eloquently written, steamy and sensual, and incredibly romantic.  She is absolutely one of my favorite go-to authors for a rip-roaring good time.  I’m putting Mr. Impossible right next to Lord of Scoundrels on my favorite’s list.

Rating: A

Romance: 5/5             Raunch: 4/5

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