Control. Keep control. Get the were. Save the women.

Redonk Nutshell: Lycan shifter and elemental witch team up to track down a rogue werewolf

I was excited to continue on in Ms. Callihan’s Darkest London series, having really enjoyed the first, Firelight. This story picks up with Ian Ranulf, our tortured Lycan friend we met in the first book.  A fully changed were has been killing across London, and Ian takes it upon himself to track it down since his clan, of which he has been banished from, has yet to step in.  When Daisy Craigmore finds herself the focus of this killer’s intent, she becomes the center of Ian’s investigation. Now, Daisy is no stranger to the strange – her sister, Miranda, has control over fire (see Firelight), so when Ian tells her about the existence of werewolves she believes him.  When he exposes other existing supernaturals to her, she accepts it, intent on becoming a partner to him in tracking down the rogue were.  Of course, these two find themselves unable to fight their mutual attraction, despite the emotional baggage and scars they each carry from their pasts.

I absolutely adore this series.  It almost feels like a supernatural, steampunky (but not really) Sherlock Holmes.  The relationship between Ian and Daisy has time to take root and really grow. It’s lovely to watch.  The flirtatious banter between them is both sexy and silly, and when things really start to get serious they both recognize the intensity of it:

“I am afraid, aye? Bloody terrified of history repeating itself.” He wrapped his arms about her waist and held on tightly. “But I want you more. Do you understand? I feel free when I am with you. Happy. You are the gift I never saw coming.:

She was quiet, and he knew it would end now. But a man could ignore his fate for only so long. Soft hands touched his cheeks, saving him from further humiliation. She tiled his head back, and he made himself look at her.

“Then have me,” she said, throwing him off kilter.

This series is a fantastic example of gracefull execution of combining several genres of fiction: we get supernaturals and fantasy, mystery and adventure, and a wonderful romance story. Oh, and have I mentioned Ian is Scottish, a man who’s burr comes out full force in a temper? LURVE him.

Loved this. Can’t wait to read more.

Rating: A

Romance: 4/5             Raunch: 3.5/5


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